Cake Class: Final Project

I just finished Wilton’s Cake Decorating Class 1.  This cake was made as the final project.  Another new recipe was sampled for this project: this time, the Fluffy Yellow Cake from Cook’s Illustrated.  I had originally planned to just practice the piping design, but my mother mentioned that the Chocolate Roses would go well with the design, a perfect suggestion, as I had a nub of modeling chocolate left from my last project that needed to be used up.


Claire’s Graduation Cake

Another older cake, this was made to celebrate my sister’s college graduation.  The top tier was Walnut Butter Cake; the bottom tier was Ginger Carrot Cake with Orange Filling.

Detail of the buttercream flowers around the base.

The Cake That Started It All

This is the cake that started my exploration of cake decorating.  I’ve always been a baker, but until last summer, I had never really decorated my cakes.  That all changed when I took a one-day course in Cake Decorating.  This is the cake I produced at the end of that four-hour course.

The class taught several basic flowers, but not roses.  I had just read about how to do roses in a book and decided to try it on the cake.  The cake was Date Spice Cake , by the way.

Plan B: Fondant Ribbon Roses?

Chocolate Chip Pound Cake, decorated with Fondant Ribbon Roses, Scrolls, and Silver Dragees.  This cake was a disaster several times over, yet in the end turned out pretty well.

My original plan was to just bake a Apple Spice sheet cake and top it with a simple caramel glaze, so I didn’t start until the evening before the cake was due.  After I dropped the cake on the kitchen floor when I tried to turn it out of the pan (which took considerable manual dexterity and the cooperation of three people), I inexplicably decided that instead of making a simple glazed cake, I needed to make a decorated layer cake, using a new recipe and at least one technique I’d never tried before.

Since it was a bit of a rush job, I used the quicker to make House Buttercream Recipe from The Whimsical Bakehouse.  Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed in the icing.  Finding myself completely unable to get the base coat smooth, I opted for the kind of all-over design that hides a multitude of faults.

Although I had never tried to make ribbon roses from fondant before, that was the one thing about this project that proved easy.  I scrambled around in the kitchen before and after church on Sunday and finished just before we had to leave for the party.

Basketweave Berries

My first three tiered cake, made for a housewarming party.  The Cake Tiers were Chocolate Sour Cream Pound Cake filled with French Custard, Lemon Ginger Cream Cheese Pound Cake filled with French Custard, and Lemon Ginger Cream Cheese Pound Cake filled with Berry Buttercream.