Plan B: Fondant Ribbon Roses?

Chocolate Chip Pound Cake, decorated with Fondant Ribbon Roses, Scrolls, and Silver Dragees.  This cake was a disaster several times over, yet in the end turned out pretty well.

My original plan was to just bake a Apple Spice sheet cake and top it with a simple caramel glaze, so I didn’t start until the evening before the cake was due.  After I dropped the cake on the kitchen floor when I tried to turn it out of the pan (which took considerable manual dexterity and the cooperation of three people), I inexplicably decided that instead of making a simple glazed cake, I needed to make a decorated layer cake, using a new recipe and at least one technique I’d never tried before.

Since it was a bit of a rush job, I used the quicker to make House Buttercream Recipe from The Whimsical Bakehouse.  Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed in the icing.  Finding myself completely unable to get the base coat smooth, I opted for the kind of all-over design that hides a multitude of faults.

Although I had never tried to make ribbon roses from fondant before, that was the one thing about this project that proved easy.  I scrambled around in the kitchen before and after church on Sunday and finished just before we had to leave for the party.


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