Wedding Cake Practice

When I need more cake practice and nobody’s birthday is coming up, I invite a ton of people over, have a grand party, and send everyone home with cake!  The disadvantage of this practice, of course, is that rather than setting down my slaved-over cake on a table and walking out leaving it looking (hopefully) lovely and pristine, I had to take the knife to my own handiwork and watch it be demolished by my own hand.


This is practice for the two wedding cakes that are coming up in the next few months.  The cake is vanilla buttercream with blue fondant ribbons and gumpaste flowers.  The top tier is freckled mocha cake with chocolate ganache filling.  The second tier is coconut cake with lime curd filling, and the third tier is golden butter cake with chocolate ganache filling.

Here are a few close-ups of my flowers.  The arrangements consist of fantasy open roses, rose buds, and hydrangea blossoms.  The wired gumpaste arrangements worked very well, even though the large roses weren’t quite dry enough.




Tess’s Baptism Cake

It’s been a long, lonely Saturday, but I did use my time productively.  Here’s the baptism cake I made to celebrate little Tess’s entry into the Church.  Another collection of experimental recipes – this time the roses are modeling chocolate, made with candy melts.  The new fondant recipe needs a bit of tweaking before it’s right, but I was able to work with it.  The cake itself is Date Spice cake with vanilla buttercream.  The only thing I didn’t make this time was the gumpaste for the filler flowers.

Here’s a detail of my roses.  Modeling chocolate roses are so much fun to make!