A “Paul” for Paul

My brother is a guitar aficionado and a very talented musician.  Completely self-taught, he can figure out awesome blues guitar licks just by watching videos of someone playing them.

In honor of his hobby, we gave him a guitar-themed party – complete with guitar cake, followed by real guitar.

The party was held on our family vacation, so making the cake was a bit tricky.  I carved, iced, and covered with fondant at home, but ran out of time and had to bring the rest of the supplies with me to finish at the vacation house.  Even so, we still didn’t arrive at our destination until after 1 in the morning!

Here’s the work in progress.  The cake is freckled mocha cake covered with homemade fondant.  I experimented with painting on the coloring for the blue finish, which worked well to get the dark enough color, but the lemon extract I used the thin the paint detracted from the coffee flavor.  Next time I’ll use vodka.

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