Vegetable Garden Cake

Veggetable Garden Cake with white fenceA vegetable garden cake for a friend who is an avid gardener.  Most of the veggies are ones that she will (hopefully) be enjoying this summer.  The cake is a new recipe, a banana cake with sour cream ganache.
Vegetable garden cake with white fence and shovel
The Cake’s vegetables include carrots, leeks, lettuces, trellised tomatoes, cabbages, beets, and peas.


6 thoughts on “Vegetable Garden Cake

    • Thanks, Victoria! The veggies are really easy and fun to make. I used left-over fondant with a little candy clay mixed in just because it was what I had on hand, but gumpaste or straight fondant would probably be a little easier to handle. For the cabbages, I started with a small ball of fondant, then just hand patted out some little circles, used a modeling tool to draw the veining, and wrapped them around the center ball, overlapping and crumpling the edges until they looked realistic enough.

      The lettuces are made a little like a ribbon rose, rolling out a thin strip of fondant and pleating it as you roll it up, except I used the modeling tool to thin the edge pretty roughly, letting it get a little ragged. Have you ever used candy clay? With the candy clay mixed in to the fondant, it was super soft, so I had to do the lettuces in two parts, a small strip for the center, then a second for the outer leaves.

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