Painted Grape Hyacinth Cake

Painted Grape Hyacinth Fondant Cake

This bridal shower cake provided the test-run of the wedding cake’s flavor combination.  Fondant covers a chocolate-vanilla marble cake with whipped chocolate ganache filling.  The water-color style painted flowers are grape hyacinths, one of my favorite flowers. 


2 thoughts on “Painted Grape Hyacinth Cake

    • Victoria, I drew the stems first with a food color marker, then used vodka to turn my petal dusts into “paint.” Cocoa butter, hmm, that’s interesting; I’ve never heard of using that. It’s quite humid here, so my fondant stayed pretty soft, making it hard to use the markers without gouging the fondant. I’ve also used lemon extract in the past mixed with gel paste color, which works fine if a strong lemon flavor goes with your cake. I’m going to try again, this time after actually watching the craftsy course on painting on cakes that I signed up for a while back.

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