Floating column white and purple wedding cakeWelcome to Blue Ridge Buttercream’s Blog!

The mission of Blue Ridge Buttercream is to create cakes that are unique, beautiful, and most importantly, delicious.  All my cakes, icings, and fillings are crafted from scratch, starting with the finest ingredients.  My goal is to create beauty without ever compromising taste.  I’m always eager for new challenges that allow me to experiment with new techniques and recipes.  This blog is to help me document my learning process and share my experiments.

I welcome questions and comments.  You can contact Blue Ridge Buttercream by emailing: blueridgebuttercream@gmail.com.  Or you can like us on Facebook to receive updates of my latest projects: http://www.facebook.com/blueridgebuttercream.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi i heard about you through a friend of my moms i am getting married october 20,2012 and i am having a fall themed wedding i was looking for a very simple cake just 3 tier squared with brown ribbon at the bottom of each square and a few leaves and maybe mums to lightly decorate the cake i live in front royal but my reception is in luray i was wondering how much you would charge for the cake thanks a bunch!!!

  2. Jane,
    Not only was the Baptism cake you made for our 2 new granddaughters GORGEOUS, but it ranks as one of the top 2 cakes I’ve eaten in my life! I wish you could have heard all the comments at the reception. Without exception, everyone said it was the first time they’d actually eaten the fondant! Don’t know how you did it, but it was worth the long drive!
    Katy H.

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