Fire Engine Cake

Fire Engine 3 Fire Engine Birthday Cake top view Fire HoseI found a few projects from this last year which I hadn’t posted before and decided to share them with you.  This whimsical birthday cake was made for a little boy who loves fire fighters and fire engines, as so many little boys do.  The cake features a fondant fire truck, heroically spraying water to put out the fondant flames.  The birthday boy’s name is formed by the draping loops of the extra fire hose.  I really had fun making this one.


Building Blocks Cake

The design was inspired by Aimee at Under the Highchair.  Mine is, of course, rendered in buttercream, since the birthday boy doesn’t care for fondant.  Hope Devon enjoyed his birthday cake!

Irish Birthday

As always, I have to try a new technique with every cake.  This cake uses a frozen buttercream transfer technique to create the celtic knot design on top.  Being too lazy to trace the knotwork border on the cake (my piping skills aren’t up to free-handing knotwork), I decided to trace the design in royal icing on parchment paper lain over the printed out design.  Royal icing dries hard and inflexible, so in order to have a curve that would fit snugly against the cake, they have to be piped on a curved surface.  I was racking my brains for what would provide the right curvature, when I realized – I baked the cake in a metal pan that just happens to have the exact same curvature of the side of the cake.  Fancy that!  Piped around the sides of the cake pan and left to dry overnight, they were pressed gently against the buttercream – nothing else was needed to make them stick.